No Time To Die- Everything you would want to know

No Time To Die, like most TV and film productions in the previous year, suffered a number of setbacks as a result of the pandemic. 

Despite several delays, the James Bond franchise has now confirmed that Bond 25 will be released in the autumn. 

Daniel Craig, the highly anticipated film star of 007, is joined by a slew of A-list actors. Last year, it was also revealed that Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the creator of Fleabag and Killing Eve, had been brought on board to improve the script. 

So, when will it be released in the United Kingdom? All you need to know about the upcoming film is the release date, cast, track, theme song, and location.

Release Date

Bond 25 was supposed to be released on April 3, 2020, but it was pushed back due to a pandemic in November.  However, due to Covid the date was postponed for the third time until 2 April 2021. 

No Time To Die will be released in the United Kingdom on October 8th, 2021. 


Although Daniel Craig has clearly refused to reprise his role as James Bond while filming Spectre in 2015, he has returned to the director’s chair for No Time To Die. However, he stated unequivocally that it would be his final Bond film. 

Madeleine Swan is played by Lea Seydoux. 

The French actress, who made her Bond debut in Spectre, will play Dr. Madeleine Swan in No Time To Die. 

She has also appeared in films such as The Lobster, Blue is the Warmest, and Midnight in Paris. 

M is played by Ralph Fiennes. 

Despite having appeared in previous Bond films, Fiennes took over as M in Skyfall after Silva and his men assassinated Judi Dench’s character. 

Moneypenny, a character played by Naomie Harris. 

As Moneypenny/Eve in Skyfall, Harris was the first to appear in a Bond film. He is best known for his roles in the films Moonlight 28 Days Later and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Who will the villain this time 

By 2020, Rami Malek, the Bohemian Rhapsody star, had been announced as Bond’s next villain. 

In September of last year, more information, including the name of his character, was revealed: Safin. 

Like most villagers, Safin wants to make the world a “better place,” but he does so through dubious means. 

“What I truly wanted from Safin was to disturb him and make him think he was heroic,” Malek said in the trailer.


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