No Batteries needed in Samsung’s new solar-powered smart remote

The Korean giant Samsung found swapping out its old remotes for a new with non-removable batteries. This will be an environmentally-friendly clicker using solar charging support and will likely to feature with the new 2021 Neo QLED TVs. 

The remote will have solar-power support and also with an energy-efficient circuit design. Samsung further confirmed that there will be no need to change the batteries throughout the remote’s entire life. And also no need to connect it ok the wall to recharge when required.

With an environmental concern, Samsung says that this new technology will eventually stave off millions of remote batteries from ending up in trashyard. Moreover, it will reduce the carbon emissions being emitted from the batteries. The general study regarding this says the batteries lies in the first place in carbon emission.

Samsung further confirmed that these remote will come up with two years lifespan. Also, the remote is made up of 28% recycled plastic that’s the figure around 31g.

Saving the planet, with reusing TV’s side inks 

Samsung’s new solar-powered remote is said just one part of the company’s new eco-conscious technique. Moreover, Samsung also reduced the amount of ink being used in the TV’s side boxes. The company also advised something that sounds unexpected, as they said those boxes can be repurposed and can be used in other household items like toys for kids or for building a cat house. 

Samsung expects these methods could save more than 200,000 boxes in a year from being dumped into landfills. This new approach will provide families with an additional source of entertainment. Also, these methods to save our environment quite similar to Nintendo’s Labo projects.

However, these somewhat seem like a minor change from Samsung, but with holding the title of highest-selling TV manufacturer worldwide this minor step from the company soon become pretty major.  

What do you think regarding Samsung’s new solar-powered remote and side TV’s ink reuse? Will they turn to be helpful? Let us know in the comments. 

Rahul Kumar
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