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Njan Prakashan (I, Prakashan) is a 2018 Malayalam-language humorous comedy film written and directed by Sathyan Anthikad and composed by Sreenivasan, starring Fahadh Faasil. Full Moon Cinema was founded by Sethu Mannarkkad, who produced the film.

On December 21, 2018, the film was released to rave reviews. It became one of the highest-grossing Malayalam films of all time at the box office, grossing 52 crores in just 40 days of release.

Production And Box Office Success

Njan Prakashan Full Movie Download In HD Quality
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After 16 years, Sathyan Anthikkad is directing a film written by Sreenivasan. Fahadh Faasil was chosen to play the lead. Full Moon Cinema produced Njan Prakashan. Filming started in mid-July and ended in early October of 2018.

The film was originally titled Malayali and earned approval from the Kerala Film Chamber of Commerce, but Anthikkad changed the title after learning that a Malayalam film of the same name already existed.

As of 9 January 2019, the film had grossed nearly 20 crores in Kerala, with a distributor’s share of 8.9 crores. In its first weekend abroad, the film earned $12,080 in Australia and $19,390 in New Zealand (3 days).

In Australia and New Zealand, it grossed $23,302 and $29,177 over three weekends, respectively. In its first weekend, it brought in £26,772 from 28 locations around the United Kingdom. It made £80,029 (73.63 lakh) in the UK over three weekends.

The opening weekend in the United States brought in $81,484 (56.86 lakh). (15) In the United States, it grossed $272,945 (Rs 1.96 crore) in six weekends.

Njan Prakashan, with a record of $278,000, surpassed Pulimurugan ($258,000) as the highest-grossing Malayalam film in the United States. The film grossed 52 crore in global theatres in 40 days, making it one of the highest-grossing Malayalam films of all time.


The story of Prakashan, a man who longs to travel to different countries, especially Germany. He thinks his name is a little out of date, so he changes it to P. R. Akash to sound more new.

Despite the fact that he is a trained nurse, he is adamantly opposed to the notion of joining the nursing profession due to the lower salary and thankless nature of the job.

He has a sexist attitude toward this profession, claiming that it is more suited to women than to men. He wants to go abroad by marrying a foreign woman and obtaining a family visa, then dumped her by going on his business.

About the fact that she is a nurse, he wants to rekindle an old flame with his ex-girlfriend Salomi as a basis for his scheme. Salomi is on the brink of relocating to Germany in search of better pay. He deviates from his initial intention to start over by attempting to rekindle his unfulfilled passion for Salomi, learning German, and predicting that Germany will be his final destination.

Njan Prakashan Full Movie Download In HD Quality
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He tells his local guardian, Gopalji, a former classmate of his father’s, that the love shown to Salomi was a deception in order for him to secure a visa under the current emigration laws. However, when Prakashan returns later, he learns that the visa still requires a substantial sum of money.

They were planning to mortgage their home, but they need Salomi’s aunt’s signature, who is a nun in Italy and will not return to Kerala. As a result, he sells his motorcycle and convinces Gopalji to snatch a necklace from his wife, resulting in Gopalji’s arrest.

In an ironic twist, Salomi defrauds Prakashan and her family of money in order to go to Germany. She marries a German citizen in order to stay in the country. Prakashan abandons his visa-getting scheme the moment he realizes she has exploited him and his family and returns to Kerala.

He then works for Gopalji doing manual labor to repay his debt for the necklace, and later becomes a home nurse, which is a similar occupation. Tina Mol, the feisty daughter of a wealthy mother who enjoys fast food, is his coworker.

About the fact that she initially let her dog loose on him after he declined to let her friend Shruthi deliver a sandwich, they grow to be incredibly similar. Shruti develops a love interest in Prakashan.

Tina shares her wish to see her father before she dies, and Prakashan assures her she has her whole life ahead of her to do so. She then tells him she has a malignant brain cyst and is dying, at which point she begins bleeding from her ear.

Following her treatment by her family doctor, Prakashan recalls a similar case in America in which a terminally ill cancer patient was cured simply by joking and loving his life; he attempts to increase her quality of life by welcoming her classmates over, playing badminton with her, and so on.

Despite Prakashan’s best efforts, Tina dies mysteriously during one of Prakashan’s novels. Prakashan transforms into a realistic and grounded human being, a compassionate nursing practitioner who knows that nursing is more than just a source of money, but also a means to support those in need as a result of this.


•           Fahadh Faasil as P. R. Akash / Prakashan / Sylvester

•           Sreenivasan as Gopal Ji

•           Nikhila Vimal as Salomi

•           K. P. A. C. Lalitha as Pouly Chechi

•           Devika Sanjay as Teenamol

•           Anju Kurian as Shruthi (voice dubbed by Raveena Ravi.)

•           Aneesh G Menon as Bahuleyan, Prakashan’s Friend

•           Aparna Das as Girl Wishes to Marry Bahuleyan

•           Sabitha Anand as Prakashan’s Mother

•           Veena Nair as Usha, Prakashan’s Sister

•           Jayasanker Karimuttam as Gregory, Salomi’s father

•           Remya Suresh as Salomi’s mother

•           Aishwarya S Menon as Celina, Salomi’s sister

•           Manjula as Prashanthan’s wife

•           Manjusha Sajish as Prakashan’s sister-in-law

•           Munshi Dileep as Prakashan’s brother

•           Sudhakaran as Prakashan’s brother in law

•           M.G. Sasi as Doctor Varghese

•           Sminu Sijo as Gopalji’s wife

•           Al Sabith as Gopalji’s son

•           Malavika Sivadas as Gopalji’s daughter

•           Meera Nair as Rachel

•           Aniyappan as Drunkard

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Njan Prakashan Full Movie Download In HD Quality
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