Bigger gaming companies are regularly buying out the smaller ones to make better games. Nintendo has also been planning on doing the same and has now started the plans by buying out Next Level Games. What does this means for the company and what does this means for Nintendo.


The Nintendo move of buying out Next Level Games is based on building a better foundation for making games that are meant only to be played on the Nintendo console. This purchase of the Nintendo of the other company is the 1st major transaction done by them since 2007. The reason why Nintendo chose Next Level Games is that this company has previously created soft wares for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch apart from these soft wares the company has also created games only for Nintendo.

The most recognized among them was the Luigi’s Mansion 3. All the companies’ asset employees and game rights. The deal is supposed to get completed by 1st March, 2021. The first major project that Next Level Games will most probably do after the deal is closed will be Luigi’s Mansion 4. These Luigi’s Mansion games are about the brother of Mario. In the game the player have to capture ghost in a haunted hotel.

We are assuming that this is just a beginning. Nintendo will buy more such companies. This will enable it to broaden its game base and release more games of every genre. The market share of Nintendo will increase in this way and will become even bigger in the gaming company. Can you guess which company will Nintendo buy next?

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