The department of battle royale games in the gaming market is right now flooded. There should not be any space for more but new games are always welcome, this is what a true gamer will say. If we look deep the battle royale games also have varieties and we think the following 4 Nintendo games will make good battle royale games.


F-Zero: Even though this is a racing game, but racing in this games is no less than a war. Other racers try to hit you, the sharp turns make you hit the wall, frenzy causes accidents. In all of this the car’s life depletes and when zero the car explodes. If done the right way, the battle royale game based on it could be a hit among racing games fans.

Splatoon: The game is already a successful Nintendo shooter game. Then why make it a battle royale. Simply because the current game is very small-scale. Only 4 players can be in one team and a small number of teams can only play at one time. Making a battle royale game out of it with all its unique features on a big-scale is something worth trying.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: The game is an action-adventure at the core but the game play, game physics and setting could make a great battle royale. The world of the core game is fascinating and will make for a great map. Weapons choice could be like which no other game can offer. It is an absolute win-win situation.  

Star Fox: Just like Splatoon, this game is also a shooter that offers multiplayer option. The combat includes third-person view and players can battle using ground and aerial vehicles. The only problem is that it is a small-scale game. For the same reasons as Splatoon, a big-scale version of it will make for one heck of a game.

Nintendo has surprised earlier with Mario 35, a battle royale game without guns that is fun to play. We hope that the adaptations of the 4 above mentioned games are made as soon as possible. Which one will you play if they are made? Comment in the comment box.


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