Netflix has left no stone unturned to amaze its audience with more and more good content, and this time it is back with one more brand new rom-com movie of Nina Dobrev named Love Hard.

This anticipated movie is directed by Hernan Jimenez and scripted by Rebecca Ewing.

Moreover, as we all know that romantic comedies and winters are the best combinations, so guys just read out the whole article to know about the release date and spoiler of Love Hard!

Let’s talk about the spoiler of Love Hard!

The movie is basically a mixture of 80s films, When Harry Met Sally and Roxanne, and as these are the top two films of the century, so hopefully Love Hard will do them justice.

The movie shows the story of a journalist who lives in Los Angeles and falls in love with a guy, she met through a dating app.

After a few days, she decides to fly across the country to surprise him, but rather than surprising him, she herself gets a shock and realized that she’s been catfished by the real Josh.

So, guys what do you think will this unlucky girl in love find any perfect guy for herself till the end of the movie or not? Comment your imagination before the release!

When will Love Hard land on Netflix? Is any trailer clip out yet?

Yes readers, Netflix recently dropped down the trailer of Love Hard on 7th October, almost one month before the release and all the rom-com fans can check out the trailer here.

Also, the Vampire Diaries queen Elena Gilbert or Nina Dobrev shared some beautiful pictures on her Instagram page from a set of Love Hard, which you all must take a look at,

When will Love Hard land on Netflix?

Now, let’s talk about the airing, so fans Love Hard will land on 5th November 2021 in the English language with subtitles only on the world’s best streaming platform Netflix.

So, guys don’t forget to watch the story of a girl who’s unlucky in love, named Natalie Bauer!

The casting of Love Hard!

Besides mind-boggling Nina Dobrev, who plays the role of Natalie Bauer, other famous stars like Jimmy O. Yang as Josh Lin, Darren Barnet as Tag, Harry Shum Jr.

As Owen Lin, James Saito as Bob Lin, Mikaela Hoover as Chelsea, and many will be seen in the upcoming American movie.

So, just circle the date 5 November and stay tuned to know about more upcoming movies and series.


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