Night Teeth 2 Release Date, Netflix Renewal Status And More

Vampire movies about teens have been made a lot times in different ways. The latest in the genre being Netflix’s 2021 movie Night Teeth. Ever since the movie was released, talks about a second part have been going around. Today we will see if a second part is being made and see which cast members will return. Also, we will take a fleeting glance over the possible plot for the part 2.

Night Teeth 2
Night Teeth 2

Night Teeth 2

While the official word is that nothing has been confirmed yet but an actor of the 1st movie has said that it is obvious that the 2nd part will happen. If the actor’s words are to be treated as the truth then we can expect that Adam Randall will be directing the movie. In a similar fashion Brent Dillon may write the screenplay of the movie. The production department could once again be handled by 42 productions and Unique Features. The first movie was made on a budget of $21.7 million. A similar or bigger budget could be allotted for the second movie. As for the release date, since the 1st movie released on Halloween of 2021, the 2nd movie could release during Halloween 2022.

Cast And Plot

The main cast of the 2nd movie should include Ral Castillo as Jay, Marlene Forte as Abuela, Ash Santos as Maria, Jorge Lendebord Jr. as Benny and Debby Ryan as Blaire. We are not sure though because a lot of characters in the first movie were killed and the names that we have given are of the characters who survived in the 1st movie.

For the plot we are expecting that the normal life of Benny and Blaire could be explored in the second movie. This will include their struggle to survive from the other vampires who wants to kill them for the ruckus that they had created in the first movie. Let’s now move on to the performance review of the Netflix movie.

How Did Night Teeth Do?

Since the 1st movie came out on the Halloween of 2021 its initial performance was good. Since then, the movie has been able to manage to get an IMDb rating of 5.6 out of 10. The popular rating site Rotten Tomatoes has given it a 38% approval. While on the Metacritic site the movie has a rating of 42%. Overall people over Google have given it only 3.7 stars out of 5. General opinion of people is that the movie does not live up to its name. That it has been over hyped and over sold by Netflix. But not all reviews were negative. Some people also liked the movie. The thing is that if you watch the movie while on a Halloween movie marathon with your friends and family then the movie won’t seem too bad to you.

But if you search it individually and watch it today for instance then you will never ask for a second part. Nonetheless, the part 2 is happening.

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