NFT Frontera Release, Tokoin And Frontera Optimistic This Game Will Be Successful In 2022

Frontera, one of the most anticipated NFT gaming metaverse companies, unveiled its new 5000 TOKO in-game mechanic on January 4, 2022, in collaboration with Tokoin, Southeast Asia’s most prominent blockchain project.

NFT Frontera
NFT Frontera

All About The Game

Frontera users will be able to earn up to 5000 TOKO tokens using this game mechanic, generating a recurring and predictable passive income of up to $150 with just a $25 buy-in. Frontera is an NFT game metaverse where players can Create, Earn, and Own their own metaverse. The $TOKO token is obtained through battling, collecting, and trading with AI Mechas NFTs.

NFTs gain greater power via farming and staking in NFT. This game also allows Fronterians to bring their own NFTs from other virtual spaces and transform them to Al Mechas NFTs. 

Partnership Between Tokoin And Frontera

Tokoin is a blockchain firm and a platform for blockchain initiatives, and the $TOKO token offers a number of advantages, including keeping a single currency across the virtual arena, which lends credibility and financial backing.

Tokoin is a close partner of Frontera in terms of resource sharing and development teams. Frontera states that their primary goal is to reduce consumers’ daily investment while providing them with a sense of ownership and enjoyment.

Tokoin also agrees that the vision and goals of Frontera completely aligns with theirs and that is for the betterment of society via the block chain technology.

They are both optimistic for the NFT Frontera.

They look forward and are excited for the partnerships and the future of Tokoin and Frontera. Both corporations have made vows to accelerate and further expand the Frontera gaming environment into the metaverse through their connection with Tokoin, which has already resulted in cross cooperation with holders of the ‘blue chip’ NFT collection.

Are you also optimistic about the game and the partnership?

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