Newegg always commits to providing the latest and hot demanding products at an amazing price that can save time and money also. Newegg uses a random drawing method to make the price of demand-free products equal for customers.

They deal in products related to computer components, gaming products, consumer electronics, and third-party logistic services. Most of the products they deal with are having short supply. Initially, the supply is based on a first-come, first-serve. But now they are giving an equal chance to everyone.

Newegg comes with a different technique than many other e-commerce dealers, let us know some amazing facts about Newegg Shuffle.

About Newegg Shuffle

Newegg is an e-commerce company that offers direct sales and also an online marketplace for almost all electronic products. They offer a wide selection of electronic products for their customers and they also got huge popularity because of their customer support service.

Now if the shopper wants to be a part of Newegg Shuffle products then they have to sign up on the subscription page. After signing up, they will be able to participate in drawings but here users need to make sure that they have to pay all the expenses, taxes, shipping, and other handling fees as per state law.

Generally, the Shuffle of the products starts from 9 am to 12 pm from Monday to Friday. So users can take part in the raffle as per that time only. When the selection window closes, the winners will get notified in their mail on the same day and they will purchase the products within 2 hours.

Who can participate

Well, after creating the account on Newegg, users can easily participate in online drawings. There is no need to make any type of purchase to be a part of the drawings. It depends on whether you will get chosen or not because the selection is done through a random process.

Here, we can recommend users try their luck and there is no limit to how many times you can participate. But a customer will get a win only once a month. For example, if there are 10 products up and there is someone who already won within these 30 days, then they will be removed and the other 10 products will be prioritized. 

How many winners can be picked

There is no perfect answer to this thing that how many winners can be picked. Generally, only those items are part of Newegg, which is always limited in supply. They cannot finalize the exact number of winners.

But we can say that they choose an appropriate winner of up to 10%. But this value can be changed because whenever we talk about giveaways and contests, there is no limit. Even, though they try their best to deal with every customer due to some limitations, they cannot do this.

Apart from that, there are some shipping restrictions also in some products and you should have that information before entering. They just have a motive that everyone should have a good experience with Newegg Shuffle.

Huge Discounts

The products having limited supply on Newegg Shuffle are sold at a discounted price. But the product will come to its regular price if it is not limited in stock.

These products on Newegg are available for a very short period and that’s why you need to be very quick to get your hands on one.

So if you didn’t get the chance today you don’t need to worry about it. As every product on Newegg has a standard price attached to it, users can add that particular product to the cart just like other products and can take the advantage of it.

But if the product is out of limited stock then it will get out of the Newegg Shuffle. It means that you are showing interest in the product, which is already sold out, and it will help in acting quickly before any other customer claims for another unit.

Enter your email address daily

Newegg sends an email daily to the customers who are the winners. Yes, you will get a mail immediately if you are becoming a winner of that contest. So you need to enter your email address whenever you are entering it.

Here you need to make sure that only one entry is allowed per person. If you try to make more entries with multiple accounts, you will get disqualified from that contest. Once you have make an entry to the raffle, you cannot change anything until the drawing period gets over.

What is the prize

Newegg is giving some amazing prices to their customers. Yes, you will get a chance to win an iPhone if you are the lucky one. Newegg is selecting a total of 20 winners of which ten of them will get $200 credit and the other ten will get $100 credit.

But there is also a grand prize, which is Apple’s iPhone. You can win one of the two Apple iPhones. The first winner will get the iPhone 5s and the second winner will get the iPhone 5c.

Moreover, there are three runner-up winners also who will get Samsung Galaxy S5 and two Fitbit Flex Devices. The winners will get selected randomly where users will get confirmation on their Mail ID and they need to make sure that they have filled in all the information correctly.

What if I have multiple orders

Well, if you want to place multiple orders then will not assure you that you will get your order in the next shipment. They will try their best to make all of your orders fulfilled within time.

Like if you are placing an order for a particular product and then placing an order for another product. In that situation, they will not guarantee you whether the orders are made under the product shuffle period. This is the basic thing that you need to make sure about it.

Product availability guarantee

The product availability guarantee can be changed anytime without any notice. If a user is not getting their order at Christmas, they will get the whole amount back with a $50 Newegg Shuffle card. This condition is applied only for December and for locations in North America only.

Users should know that they have to place the order before 5 pm. Newegg has the right to modify the order anytime, but for more information, users should read their privacy policy and terms and conditions.

What happens after you win

The winners have to enter their email addresses so that they can receive the notification timely. So, if you are a winner, you will have 24 hours to confirm your purchase, or else they will choose another participant because they want only serious customers for being eligible for Newegg Shuffle Drawing.

In the email, users will receive all the information about how to complete the purchase. If you have any confusion then you can take the help by calling customer support during the business hours, they will help to solve your queries.

No Waiting List

The winners will be decided as per how many people have participated in it. Users need to complete their purchase transaction within 3 days of winning or else they will lose that chance.

This platform is like an online lottery where users might have to wait for several weeks or months to get selected for purchase. Only one entry is allowed per person to maintain transparency and fairness.

Users should also know that there is no waiting list, which means that if you are chosen as a winner but someone else has completed their transaction, you will lose your spot. That’s why it is always recommended for all the users to check the products every few hours if they are interested in buying them.

Low Quantity Product Availability

Some people have a question that how Newegg decides whether the product will add to the product shuffle. So basically, it decides based on the quantity available for purchase. If there is a product, which is out of stock then all manufacturers and suppliers will not take participate in that draw.

Newegg also choose those products, which are restocked now but have a very limited supply. If the demands are easily getting fulfilled for a particular product then it will not come under the product shuffle of Newegg because there is no low availability of that product.


What happened to the Newegg shuffle?

The Newegg Shuffle system is stopped on February 22 due to scrutiny in the company. As the company has faced some customer support issues and after that, the company has also updated its hassle-free return policy. But Newegg has given an assurance that Newegg Shuffle will come at some point to provide discount products.

Does anyone get selected Newegg shuffle?

Well, I would like to clarify to you that the chances of getting selected in Newegg Shuffle are very low. On average, 1,00,000 people are trying to get products in a raffle and only a few people get the product.

Some automated bots will try to get those products and sell them on different e-commerce websites at a higher price. Users need to make dozens of try to get a product and it depends on how lucky you are.

Are bots winning Newegg shuffle?

Newegg has a very secured system that never allows fraudsters to take entry into Newegg Shuffle. Users are allowed to make only one account or else they will get disqualified from the raffle.

Bots are trying to take entry in Newegg Shuffle but the strong system doesn’t let them enter. Well, the chances of winning in Newegg Shuffle is just 0.01% and that’s why many people think that bots are winning in Newegg Shuffle. But the truth is that you need to make multiple efforts to win in Newegg Shuffle.

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