Type-Moon developer has revealed a brand new trailer for their latest 2D fighter game Melty Blood: Type Lumina. What is new in the trailer and what all new things are going to be in the game? All revealed here.


The new trailer introduces two new game characters named Hisui and Kohaku. They are two maids who are really good at fighting. In the game, the two of them have different fighting styles and a unique tool kit unique with each of them. The characters also have maid-themed special moves and they also have humorous facial expressions. Check out how to do these two characters look by following the link given below.

The new game will feature an HD environment. The game is based on the new Tsukihime visual novel. The new game will also be able to make its character do multiple combos. The game has been designed in such a manner that the newcomers or beginners will find it easy to play and understand. The game has 3 modes; Time Attack mode, Survival mode, and Multi-Player mode. The game will release on the Steam and Switch game store on 30th September 2021. The game will be available on PC, PLAY STATION4, and X box one.


The Melty Blood game franchise was started in 2002. Since then 11 versions of the game have come out. It’s a 1V1 fighting game. The very first game was available for PLAY STATION2. Each game has a visual novel incorporated into it. The game franchise gained popularity over the years and the latest game will surely attract a lot of gamers.

Till the time the new game comes, you can check out the previous games, animes, and Manga to spend your time. That’s all readers for today.

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