The fan base of star wars is very big. There have been 12 films and a large number of comics but there have never been official Star War video games. Now the word is that Lucas film games will now start making Star War video games.


Lucas film games are the leading name in the gaming industry. The company was founded by George Lucas in 1983. The company is known for games likes Maniac, Mansion, Indiana Jones. By making the Star Wars games, the company is entering a new phase of creativity. The company will work with some of the finest studios in the world to develop the games. To celebrate the occasion Lucas Film games have launched a new twitter and Facebook account.

Through these accounts the company will keep the fans updated about the development of the game. The company has also made a special logo that will appear in the Star Wars game. The company has also posted a YouTube video to mark the occasion as a memory. The video has received more than 300k plus views and 21k likes along with 3k plus comments. The video was posted on 11th January 2021. The video shows the concept animation, the way in which characters will move in the game and it also shows the possible characters and their skins they will be wearing.

Can you tell in which orders the game will be released? Comment your guesses in the comment box.

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