The game Fall Guys has been entertaining us since the summer of 2020. The game is very fun to play and its developer Mediatonic has kept the players busy by releasing new updates almost month. Well guess what Mediatonic is ready to release another update and the update contains some new skins. Skins based on whom? Allow us to reveal.


The new Fall Guys skins are based on the video game franchise of DOOM. DOOM developers have released a trailer of the skins on YouTube. In the video the Fall Guys characters can be running in their entire funny honor in a DOOM inspired environment. The iconic DOOM soundtrack is playing in the background. In the end a character in the iconic DOOM outfit or in gaming language in DOOM skin makes its appearance on screen. He is accompanied by two other characters who are wearing the Tyrant and Cacodemon skins. The skins visible in the video will be the skins that the players will be able to play with. 


The new skins are arriving in the in-game store on 12th January, 2021. The skins will be available for only a short period of time. With the new skin, there are chances that a new DOOM inspired arena may also be added to the game, though that is not confirmed yet. If that happens then Fall Guys and DOOM fans are in for a treat. There is also no news on how the players will get hold of the new skins. Will they have to buy them with money or a certain number of crowns will be required to use them?  

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