Google has recently come with a new feature which will help users to have more safer and secure passwords. The secure passwords have really become a need of generation as more and more cybercrimes happen in the market.

The browser has got an all-new feature where the user will be helped while setting up a password and it will allow users to check and fix the weak passwords that they have set. Users will have a great control over their saved passwords for multiple sites.

The company has an easy shortcut through which you will be able to identify the weak passwords and you will be able to edit that quickly. You will just have to click under your profile and you will reach a new window where all your passwords will be saved.


The password manager will have a list of all the saved passwords that you have saved for multiple websites. You could just directly check if there are any weak passwords and you will be able to fix them at the same time. Google will also let you know if the password set by you is weak and will suggest a stronger password. You will be able to fix multiple passwords at the same time.

The company said that weak passwords expose the user and should be avoided. With the Chrome 88, you will be able to check all the weak passwords that you have saved and you will be able to take actions for the weak ones easily.


There are an increasing number of password breaches cases on the internet and this is the reason the company has got jets new feature to secure their users’ credentials. The company has a Safety Check which is used for 14 million times a week to make sure that user’s credentials do not get compromised.

The feature has not finally arrived on the browsers currently. the company will first roll out the feature for desktops, then IOS and then for Android users. There is also biometric authentication for input of password which is not currently available for Android, but it is expected to arrive soon. 

We will keep sharing important and interesting stuff like that, till then keep your passwords secure and keep watching our feed.


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