New Asus ROG gets Benchmarked with Snapdragon 888 chipset (SD888) at Geekbench, HTML5

After getting a great repose on Asus ROG, the company looks all set to bring next ROG smartphone in the lineup. As per reports Asus already working on its next ROG phone and will bring up all best and latest specs this time again. 

Moreover, some report says this phone might appear a lot earlier than the usual June-July period, as because it has been seen at Geekbench

Asus ROG with the model number ASUS_I005DB and ASUS_I005DA has flinched on benchmarking platforms Geekbench and HTML5. Were this got revealed that the upcoming phone will be powered by the latest Snapdragon 888 chipset and some additional specs. 

Asus ROG 5 on HTML5- 

ROG 5? Yes, we know you must be thinking where’s Asus ROG 4. Well, this sounds something more like astrology. The company more likely to skip the number 4 and will move straight to Asus ROG 5 because of two reasons – 

1. The number “4” sounds somewhat like “death” in Chinese. Thus, many Chinese smartphone companies verge to skip this number. 

2. The second reason is the ROG 3 had model number ASUS_I003DA, yes, that 3 in the code, then it’s obvious to expect ROG 5 from the model number ASUS_I005DA. 

It’s hard to trust that this upcoming ROG phone will be called the ROG 5 based on astrological prediction, however, this will be confirmed only after the official announcement from the company. 

Asus ROG 5 on Geek bench

However, the HTML5 benchmark doesn’t mention anything about this upcoming ROG phone specs. The only spec confirmed on HTML5 benchmark is the phone will have the latest Snapdragon 888 chipset. 

But the Geekbench report confirms that the upcoming ROG phone will come with 8GB RAM. Addition to this the phone will also ship with Android 11, however, both these features aren’t so surprising. 

What will be astounding is whether Asus manages to bring up a new design or not. If the company pull out this ROG phone with a completely new design, it would be something everyone would wish to grab.


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