Netflix is yet to welcome another blockbusting French action-comedy film coming July named, The Last Mercenary! It is directed by David Charhon and scripted by Ismael Sy Savane and Charhon!

Muscular man Jean-Claude Van Damme will return to play the lead role of Richard Brumere in the upcoming movie. which is directed by David Charhon and scripted by Ismael Sy Savane and Charhon!

Highlight About Jean-Claude Van Damme!

jean-claude van damme, a 60-year-old retired martial artist and famous Belgian actor, who is best known for his martial arts action films are back.

After 2 years of rest, he is all set to return with a bang in the first collaboration with Netflix for upcoming thrilling movie. this is his second film in which he will play the lead role of Richard, after 2019’s ‘we die young’.

What is the plot of “The Last Mercenary?’’

A retired French secret service agent, Richard must return to France urgently after 25 years to save his estrange son Archibald, who has been falsely framed in case of drug trafficking and international terrorist organization and arrested by the France government.

Now, to save his son he will call out his old team members, rejoin hands with a group of reckless youngsters and join forces!

Moreover, the trailer also revealed a lot about the upcoming film and especially about the special agent Richard who is designed as a world’s most celebrated mercenary, an expert driver, pilot and sharpshooter.

So, guys will this legendary mercenary able to save his son or not?

When will “The Last Mercenary” Premiere? And is any trailer out yet?

The Last Mercenary will premiere on Netflix on Wednesday July 30 this year, so Netflix has already launched the trailer clip of the movie, which is of more than 2 minutes on 7th June.

Thrilling movie is of 100 minutes and is available in French language with English subtitles, so some of you who are not bilingual must turn on the captions to watch it.

Let’s check out the casting characters!

Who will we see in the upcoming movie?

Besides Jean-Claude Van Damme, other famous film stars like Samira Decazza, Alban Ivanov, Eric Judor, Assa Sylla, Djimo, Nassim Lyes, Valerie Kaprisky, Patrick Timsit and Miou-Miou will be seen in the upcoming movie with many other characters.

So, if you are excited to watch The Last Mercenary, then don’t forget to mark date 30th July on calendars and stay connected to get more crispy updates!


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