Netflix’s Saturday Morning All-Star Hits Review

The old times when cartoons on TV used to come only at a particular time are far gone now. But, that time had a different charm to it. Do you want to revive that charm in a way?

Looking back at the time and bringing back a lot of nostalgia is the new tv show named ‘Saturday Morning All-Star Hits’.

Let’s get you better acquainted with this show. 


This new Netflix show came out on 10th December 2021. Kyle Mooney is the main actor in the show. He has a double role of twin brothers their names are Treybor and Skip.

The two brothers host a TV show named Smash.

In the show, they watch different cartoon shows on Saturday morning. And then, they talk about them.

Considering the overall feel of the show, it is basically a parody of the cartoon shows of the 1980s and 1990s.

But, is that all that makes it unique?

Let’s explore!

Saturday Morning All-Star Hits


The show has been created in a way that makes it feel like that we are being shown behind the scene scenes.

Furthermore, the show is funny. Also, on the other hand, this shows us how the relationship of twin brothers develops over the course of the show in general.

Moreover, the cartoons that the two brothers review include the cartoon of a dinosaur, four magical features, and about athletes.

That being mentioned, many reviewers have called it a failed attempt at recreating a time that had great shows to offer. The show is funny and is a good time pass. Also, Mooney does a great job at playing the double role of the twin brothers.

Moving ahead, it has also been seen that those who have watched all 8 episodes at one go are not happy with the show.

From our personal point of view, we think that to be able to like the show one has to watch the episodes with an interval of one week. So, watch it the way it is supposed to watch.

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