Netflix’s Passing – What we know about Release Date, Cast, And Storyline

Back in February 2021, just after the Sundance Film Festival premiere of Rebecca Hall’s new drama picture “Passing,” Netflix reached a deal to purchase the film. After reading Nella Larsen’s 1928 novel, “Racial Passing,” two Black women decide to go their separate ways and become “white passers,” despite the fact that they both have the capacity to “racial pass” or “pass as white.” Her debut picture as a writer and director, Hall has created a great first impression. Apparently, Netflix paid approximately $16 million for the upcoming film, according to Deadline.

Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga feature in the new movie “Passing,” which explores the repercussions of their “passing” actions and their connection with one another. All of the scenes are shot in black-and-white, which only serves to accentuate the film’s major themes of colorism 86 percent of Rotten Tomatoes’ 83 reviews give the picture a favorable rating, and that’s before it had a wide distribution. If you’re looking forward to watching “Passing,” which wowed viewers at the Sundance Film Festival, here’s what we know thus far.      

Passing – Details on releasing date

Netflix has been patiently waiting to broadcast “Passing” despite the fact that it has been done for a long time and has already been viewed by viewers at the Sundance Film Festival, expecting that it will garner additional notice during the approaching awards season.

One of Netflix’s “top-shelf awards streaming releases with a theatrical distribution component,” according to Deadline’s press announcement. ‘Passing’ will have a limited theatrical release on October 27, 2021, followed by a Netflix premiere on November 10, 2021. (via Deadline).

An advance screening of “Passing” will take place on October 3, 2021, at the New York Film Festival. Last year’s black-and-white picture “Mank” had a similar releasing strategy to “Passing.” Filmed by David Fincher and starring Gary Oldman, the film “Mank” is set to be released in theatres on November 13, 2020, and will debut on Netflix on (Collider). We’ll have to wait and see if “Passing Strategy “‘s pays off with the accolades

Passing – Details on casting members

Tessa Thompson, best known for her roles in “Thor Ragnarok” and “Creed,” plays Irene “Reenie” Redfield, while Ruth Negga, well known for her roles in “Loving” and “Preacher,” portrays Clare Kendry.

As bi-racial ladies, Irene and Claire may pass as white if desired. However, despite the fact that the two women grew up together, Clare decides to pass herself off as white and marries a wealthy white man, while Irene chooses to identify as African-American and lives with her Black husband in Harlem.

Brian Redfield, Irene’s husband, is played by André Holland of “Moonlight” and “Selma” fame, while Alexander Skarsgrd of “Big Little Lies” and “True Blood” fame portrays Clare’s stupid, affluent husband John. It also stars Gbenga Akinnagbe as well as Ashley Ware Jenkins, Antoinette Crowe-Legacy, Bill Camp, and Ashley Ware Jenkins.

Passing – Details on casting Storyline

A fortuitous encounter in adulthood reunites Irene and Clare, who have had separate and quite different lives since childhood. Initial reluctance on Clare’s part comes from Irene’s perception of the risk Clare’s situation poses, as well as a desire to focus on her life at home with Brian and their children, but with time having the ability to pass as white has allowed Clare and her husband to live a pretty comfortable and privileged existence. It doesn’t stop her from being drawn to Irene’s lifestyle and culture, and she can’t help but spend more time in Harlem and the Black community as a result of this attraction.

Despite Irene’s repeated warnings that her husband will find out the truth, Clare just won’t give up her friendship with Irene. As a study of colorism, “Passing” shows how persons with darker skin tones face more discrimination, even from people of their own race or ethnicity.

While discussing colorism, the video explores how bi-racial persons sometimes struggle with their identities, unsure of where they belong in society. According to the trailer released by Netflix, “Passing” depicts the relationship between two women with vastly different life experiences, as well as other themes such as gender and sexuality. “Passing” is sure to be a hit on Netflix, given how well it was received by those who have already seen it.


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