Netflix is back with yet another family-adventure named “Finding ‘Ohana”. Before it is released, it became one of the most enjoyable and fun series of 2021 already by just the glimpse of it.

If talked about short synopsis, the upcoming Original revolves around 2 Brooklyn kids, Pili and Loane, who goes on to spend holidays with their grandfather in Oahu. And during the excursion, they discovered some heritage and hidden treasure.

The series is also going to have a pinch of horror and spook when little kids and its gang will be on mission and will be confronted by ghosts.

What will these little kids do next? To know, watch the series. We are here to give you all a glimpse about release date, plot and cast.

Who are going to make the series?

Series will be directed by Jude Weng (known for “Young Sheldon” and “The Good Place”) and helmed by Christina Strain.

Lead cast will be:

  • Pili- role played by Kea Peahu
  • Loane- role played by Alex Aiono.
  • Hana by Lindsay Watson
  • Monks by Ricky Garcia
  • Melody by X Mayo.

What we will know from series?

As discussed earlier, story knits around Pili and Loane who goes to their ancestor’s house for summer vacation in Hawaii. During their play time, Pili gets a diary buried very secretly that has the way to long lost treasure.

This is the story of adventure created by both kids along with their friends with some spook which will drag you to edge of the bench.

What is the production status?

 The shooting has already been started from 30th September 2019 and hope it is completed now. And being luck in the favour, COVID-19 has not affected the status.

The shooting is done in Oahu, Hawaii.

When will the series out?

As we all know that the production is completed and a few days back, trailer is been released. The link is here-

As anticipated, the Netflix original is planning to drop down the series in January 2021.

Till the series get released, refresh the space to get more.


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