Netflix The Real Bling Ring review: The true crime show revisits series of heists that stunned Hollywood

The brand new American crime series named The Real Bling Ring got negative reviews from critics. Recently, a prosecutor commented on the first episode of the show which premiered on 21st September, that it’s a display of f**ked-up Los Angeles Greek tragedy and was hooked immediately. In this story lawyers, defendants and the cops involved wanted to be famous and this could only happen in Hollywood. 

Netflix isn’t the first one to unleash this notorious heist. In 2013, director Sofia Coppola also made a film on the blockbusting heist and named it The Bling Ring. In 2010 also one reality show named Pretty Wild also exposed some details about the heist story. 

Let’s dig deeper inside The Real Bling Ring!

The documentary revolves around the nuanced heist in which the group of seven teenagers and an adult raided the house and stole over $3 Million from two high profile celebrities named Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom.

The Hollywood Heist portrays the real-life happening of a California-based crime group, which stole houses in the years 2008 and 2009. The story of the American documentary is very complex and intriguing, rather than reading books or stories just go and watch out for its first episode which premiered on 21st September only on Netflix. 

What about the Casting of the newly released The Real Bling Ring?

The story of teens who brought the dangerous Hollywood thieves to their knees consists of the following casting characters naked Alexis Haines, Nick Norgo, Andrea Arlington Dunne, Gabrielle Hames, and Audrina Patridge along with other supporting members. 

The docuseries consists of three crime drama episodes each with a running time of 45 to 50 minutes. Overall it is only half an hour longer than Sofia Coppola’s film. The series also includes an interview with one of the Bling Ring’s victims named Audrina Patridge. 

All of you can also check out the trailer of The Real Bling Ring, below and stay in touch with us to know the release date of rest two episodes. And if your Netflix subscription isn’t expired yet then do check out its first episode and comment your views! 

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