Netflix Streaming Worst Roommate Ever (Limited Series) In March 2022! Watch It Skip It

Have you ever lived with a roommate who was so bad that you wanted to kill them? If you haven’t then you can get a first-hand essence from the new Netflix docuseries named ‘Worst Roommate Ever’.

Ahead are the details about the new docuseries!

Worst Roommate Ever

The docuseries will show us the real-life stories of four people who had horrifying experiences while sharing a room with someone. The series has been produced by Netflix and Blumhouse Productions.

Furthermore, the series will use real life footages, recreations and personal interviews of the people who were sharing the room with someone. Netflix released the trailer for the series on their official YouTube channel on 4th February 2022.

Worst Roommate Ever Official Trailer

The series is scheduled to release in five parts starting from 1st March 2022 on Netflix.

Cast, plot and our verdict

As it is a docuseries there will be real life people in the series. They are K.C. Joy, Youssef Khater, Dorothea Puente and Jamison Bachman. These four people will be narrating their experiences with their roommates. All four narratives have one thing in common and that is the roommate at first seemed to be a normal person but then after some time they show their true colors. They turned out to be criminals who commit the most heinous crimes that they can commit on the roommates who are telling us about their ordeal. 

This is a series that has been made out of raw footages and clear-cut uncensored interviews. So, we recommend that you watch this show on your own and may even skip it if you are not an iron hearted person. The series may even contain graphic content so be advised.

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