Netflix Show My Best Friend Anne Frank Reviews! Stream It Or Skip It

Very recently, Netflix released the movie ‘My Best Friend Anne Frank’. While the title of the movie says all about its subject, what it does not tell us is, is the movie good or bad? Well, we have done critical and number reviews of the movie to answer the question. We will start though with some general information about the movie.

General info on ‘My Best Friend Anne Frank’

The first thing to know about the movie is that it is a Dutch movie. Ben Sombogaart has directed the movie. The main story of the movie has been adapted from the book named ‘Memories of Anne Frank: Reflections of a Childhood Friend’ which was written by Alison Leslie Gold. She published the book in the year 1999, on the 1st of April. You can buy the book on Amazon for $6.04. The link for the same is here. The trailer for the movie was dropped by Netflix on their official YouTube channel on 1st February 2022. You can watch the trailer!

My Best Friend Anne Frank Trailer

Interestingly, the movie was also released on 1st February 2022 on Netflix. Let’s keep the momentum that we have gained going by now seeing a critical review of the movie.

Critical Review

Let’s start with a brief plot detail of the movie. The plot involves the story of Anne Frank from the perspective of her best friend Hannah Goslar. At the start it is shown that Anne and Hannah are enjoying their lives. Soon we get to know that Hannah is actually remembering the good time with Anne. In the present Hannah is in a Nazi concentration camp. After some time, she gets to know that Anne is also at the same camp and thus Hannah resolves to help Anne at all costs. The critics of the movie have praised the acting of Josephine Arendsen. She plays the role of Hannah Goslar, the best friend of Anne Frank. They say while Josephine is perfect as Hannah, the script as a whole is weak. The movie could have been better is the general verdict of the critics. Well, the critics have clearly given a thumbs down to the movie. What do the numbers say though? Let’s find that out next from the number review.

Number Review

The numbers for the movie are not good either. IMDb has given the movie a score of 6.2/10. Rotten Tomatoes have given a 50% approval rating to the movie. People over Google have reflected the viewpoint of the critics by giving the movie only 3.4 stars out of 5. To say the least, the movie in its first month at Netflix has not performed well. 

Thus, we come to the all-important question of should you watch the movie or not? In a word, we say no. If you are personally very passionate about history and the life of Anne Frank in particular, then only we will say, watch the movie.

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