Netflix Plans To End Account Sharing.

According to a recent report, Netflix is planning to end the password-sharing feature early next year in the US. Whether Santa gifted you with something or not, the famous streaming service Netflix will definitely shock you with its new rule. CEO of Netflix named Reed Hastings is deciding to stop screen sharing as according to him this system is the main reason for Netflix’s losses

What’s the new plan?

As the company is going through financial losses, the creators decided to charge an extra fee for people who share its accounts outside their households. Trials are already done on the subscribers of Latin American countries and there it charges 3 USD extra amount. 

We all know that Netflix has decreased its charges since December 2022. Now you can enjoy one television screen in just 199 and one home screen in 149 per month. And if the company is still facing demotions, then this decision may improve their status. 

According to the survey, we get to know that more than 100 million Netflix viewers watched Netflix without paying a single penny. They just borrow passwords from their friends and family and have fun. But now it’s all over if any outsider tries to sing-up without payment or asks for the code then prompts will be repeatedly thrown at their screens and he or she is unable to access it. 

How does Netflix do this?

Netflix will start tracking IP addresses and check out the account activities to avoid password sharing. Also, this system is not finalized in India yet. Maybe they are worried to lose subscribers in India. 

Banning password-sharing activity can also protect your system from hacking and prevent criminal practices. You may think that Netflix is just an entertaining platform and it’s not possible but who knows?  Therefore, if you are living in the US then don’t you dare share your Netflix password!

Overall, it means that if you want to watch any show on Netflix, you simply have to pay for it or else skip it. Because from 2023 onwards Netflix isn’t going to help you out via sharing passwords unless and until it’s a 4-screen plan.  Hence, enjoy Netflix shows till 31st December as from next year you have to pay for every single Netflix show. Also, stay in touch to get more updates. 

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