Have you watched cowboy bebop yet? Well, Netflix drama cowboy bebop is creating a lot of buzz and controversies on social media.

Let’s know some details about the controversies.

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Well, Cowboy Bebop looks more like Cowboy womp-womp for Netflix at this point, despite how much this live-action adjustment of a lovable manga was predicted by fans.

That is, based on the prior fan reaction and evaluations like one from our sister publication Variety, which resents the sequence as the latest sign of Netflix bloat.

The initial Rotten Tomatoes scores really are promising. Matter of fact, the early Rotten Tomatoes ratings are dismal.

 Critics have given it a 50 percent rating, and audiences have given it a 53 percent overall score. One Twitter user pleaded, “Please don’t watch Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop.”

Cho admitted in an interview with Netflix that producing this film was “scary as hell.” Because the world and the characters already have so many fans, the cast and crew were concerned about making a mistake.

“Visual elements, it’s a very faithful adaptation” he believes. Listening that the existing anime composer Yoko Kanno was attached to this adaptation sealed Cho’s decision to participate in the series. So far, everything has gone well.

To provide you with a good sense of the show’s appearance, voice, and audio. All of which can be seen, at least in terms of the series’ packaging.

So, we’ve embedded the trailer for the latest series for you, in case if you haven’t seen it yet. Here is a quick glimpse of the trailer,

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