Netflix Kdrama DP Details on Release Date, Casting Members And Storyline

Directed by Han Jun-hee, D.P. is a k-drama that will be a Netflix original. Coin Locker Girl won her the Baeksang Award for Best New Director in 2016. Han Jun-hee adapted the show’s screenplay as well.

A webcomic by Kim Bo-tang inspired D.P., which stands for Deserter Pursuit. For Netflix, the two collaborated on the adaptation of the graphic novel. It was revealed on July 2, 2020, along with a brief description of the webcomic’s narrative. Only Netflix will release the film, which is created by Lezhin Studios in conjunction with Homemade Films.

DP – When will it be released?

D.P. is set to be released on August 27 and will be available on Netflix globally. The amount of episodes, however, has yet to be announced by the streaming site.

DP – When about its casting members?

An ensemble cast of outstanding actors and actresses star in D.P., a South Korean drama series. Jung Hae In plays Ahn Jun Ho in the Kdrama. As a member of the D.P. team, he is responsible for hunting down army deserters.

Jung Hae In will lead the new series, showcasing his versatility as an actor via this new genre experience. In the Kdrama A Piece Of Your Mind, he previously appeared alongside actress Chae Soo-bin. Jung Hae In will also appear in the Kdrama Snowdrop alongside BLACKPINK member Jisoo.

Peninsula and Kingdom: Ashin of the North actor Koo Kyo Hwan appears with Jung Hae In. Corporal Han Ho Yeol will be played by the outstanding Escape from Mogadishu actor. Kim Sung Kyun, the award-winning The Fiery Priest and Reply 1988 actor, will play Sergeant Park Beom Goo in the Kdrama, adding suspense. Son Seok-koo, UKISS Lee Jun Young, Hong Kyung, Cho Hyun-chul, and Shin Seung-ho will all appear as supporting roles in the next Kdrama D.P.

DP – When to expect from the storyline?

Members of the deserter tracking squad will be featured in the episode. Ahn Joon-ho, the main character, is transferred to the D.P. team when a senior observes his keen observational abilities and suggests he join the team. In his new role, he’ll work with the Sergeant who recruited him and a corporal who’ll command them. It would be interesting to see how Joon-ho handles these additional duties and how he overcomes the challenges he meets.


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