Netflix Dark-Comedy Series ‘The Woman in the House’ Filming Concludes & What We Know So Far

In case you haven’t seen Kristen Bell since her NBC comedy The Good Place ended, her new project will be available on Netflix soon. The Woman in the House, a Netflix miniseries, will be her next project.

The Woman in the House is not to be confused with the Netflix original film The Woman in the Window, which stars Amy Adams. A wonderful viewing following Dead to Me’s final season already.

As former adolescent detective Veronica Mars in Hulu’s one-season reboot of the teen drama, Bell returns to comedy mystery. As well as starring in Queenpins, Bell has returned to HBO Max to narrate the Gossip Girl prequel series. Next, she’ll be caged up in front of the TV watching Netflix.

On this page we have listed everything about The Woman in the House including its release date, cast and synopsis as well as a lot more. We’ll keep you informed when Netflix releases more information on the miniseries!

It was written and directed by Rachel Ramras, Hugh Davidson, and Larry Dorf, and will be released on Netflix as a limited-run dark comedy series. Will Ferrel is credited as an executive producer on the series, which is being produced by Gloria Sanchez Productions. Marti Noxon, a former Sharp Objects and Dietland employee, has joined the team as a creative consultant.

The Woman in the House – Details on Release Date

Filming is expected to wrap up in July, so we may see The Woman in the House on Netflix by the end of 2021.. The Woman in the House, on the other hand, is anticipated to appear in early 2022. However, we are still waiting for Netflix to confirm an official release date.

The Woman in the House – Details on Casting Members

Among the cast are Kristen Bell as the main and Tom Riley as a supporting actor. Mary Holland, Shelley Hennig and Christina Anthony also appear in the miniseries as do Cameron Britton and Benjamin Levy Aguilar. The names of potential guest stars have yet to be revealed.

The Woman in the House – Details on Storyline

Kristen Bell plays the devastated Anna, who wakes up every day in the same situation, thanks to Will Ferrell’s executive producer. She sips her wine and stares out the window at the world as it passes her by while she drinks. A gorgeous new neighbor moves in across the street, and Anna is fascinated by what the future may hold for them both. Her horror comes from seeing a murder… or so she believes.

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The Woman in the House – Details on Production

Post-production (16/08/2021) is the official production status. The project’s principal shooting began on March 9th, 2021, and ended on July 16th, 2021. It was shot in Los Angeles, CA. A total of eight episodes will be aired in the limited series, according to reports.

The Woman in the House – Details on Trailer

A trailer or teaser for The Woman in the House has yet to be produced by Netflix because production has just recently begun in March 2021. As soon as a first peek video is published, we’ll make sure to update this page with the latest footage. Check back soon for the first trailer!

Written By: Adersh Unni Krishnan


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