Netflix Confirmed the News of BIBI Stepping Down from SweetHome2!!

Who’s unaware of the blood-filled Korean series named Sweet Home in which humans turned into savage monsters? Today we are back with the news that states that in the second sequel of Sweet Home, the Korean pop artist Kim Hyung-Seo aka BIBI will not portray any role and left the cast of season 2. Initially, it was decided that the beautiful Korean actress which is also known as BIBI will play her role in the upcoming seasons, but, now due to her scheduling conflicts, she has stepped down from the role. 

Here is the confirmation tweet posted on the 20th of September by KoreanUpdates which all of you must check out below! 



Netflix confirmed this news and the hashtags such as #BIBI and #SweetHome2 are going viral worldwide fastly.

Read it out to know more about the forthcoming season! 

When will Sweet Home Season 2 Premiere?

The very first season of the horrifying series was released on 18th December 2020 with ten blockbusting episodes on Netflix and now after a gap of 18 months, the creators renewed the series not only for the second but for the third season also. Netflix also shared one short 18 seconds confirmation clip on 15th June 2022, which you can check out below


The Original Netflix drama has finally got the green signal for the second sequel and is officially in the production stage. Now as the filming of season 1 took eight months, so according to this data, maybe we will get to watch the second season in the middle or end of 2023!

Any Idea about Storyline?

The first season will leave plenty of questions unanswered such as, what happened to Sang-Wook who was dying in a pool of his own blood after trying to save Yu Ri? 

Eun Hyuk who was bleeding drastically in the same way as the infected one will survive or not? Will, You Kyung be able to hunt for Cha Hyun Soo and get to know about her Fiancé’s fate or not? And last but not the least important question is what will happen to the remaining survivors?  

So, all these questions will get the proper answers in the upcoming sequel so, don’t you dare skip the sequel, or else you may also get infected! 

What about Casting details?

Nothing much is unleashed about the upcoming season, so maybe all the major ones will reprise their role except the perfectionist BIBI aka Kim Hyung-seo. 

Rest, Yu Oh-Seong, Oh Jung-se, Kim Mu-yeol, Jung Jin-young, Kim Shin-rok, Yook Jun-Seo and many more will play different characters in the upcoming sequels of the apocalyptic series and terrify us for sure. 

Hence, stay in touch to get more spicy updates, and watch out for season 1 of the bloody series if you didn’t watch it yet! 

Trailer of Season 1

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