Netflix Brings Wednesday Addams Series Starring Catherine Zeta-Jones

Netflix, the world’s largest OTT streaming company, brings the Wednesday Addams series, starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, to its platform.

Netflix is introducing Wednesday Addams, starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, to the streaming service, which is exciting news for all the fans and audiences who have missed watching one of the finest Hollywood performers on the screens for a long time.

Netflix’s Wednesday Addams series starring Catherine Zeta-Jones has even gotten fans and netizens interested and happy.

A new Netflix horror series based on classic film character Wednesday Addams, featured in numerous memes, will be premiere on the streaming service shortly.

In 1991, the film ‘The Addams Family’ was produced, and Christina Ricci portrayed a stroppy girl named Wednesday Addams. In the 1960s, a series of cartoons with the same name was adapted into a supernatural dark comedy film.

Tim Burton, the master of horror, will direct this new Netflix series named Wednesday, including an ensemble cast of A-listers and iconic actors that has fans and even us salivating.

Stunning actress Jenna Ortega will play Wednesday, Catherine Zeta-Jones will portray Morticia Addams, and renowned actor Luis Guzmán will play her husband, Gomez. The film is scheduled to be released on October 19, 2018.

Wednesday is the main character in this newly produced young-adult series. She studies at the scary Nevermore Academy when she discovers that she has psychic skills. Later on, we will see how this gloomy teen will have to defend the local village while unravelling her parents’ mystery.

Alfred Gough and Miles Millar are collaborating on the eight-episode series Wednesday, directed by Tim Burton. Wednesday’s release date is currently unknown, but there has been plenty of conjecture about it.


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