Netflix “ARCANE” Breaks The Video Game To Television Barrier

Have you ever thought how a video game would look if made into a TV series. You need not actually think about it as a popular game has been made into a television series. Here are the details of the same.


The video game that has been made into a TV series is League of Legends. The game’s developer Riot Games have produced the show. The show has been directed by Pascal Charrue and Arnuad Delord. The trailer for the show got released a bit before the series itself. Here it is for you to watch The show features 9 episodes that came out weekly, three at a time starting 6th November 2021. Which means the second set of episodes came on 13th November and the final set on 20th November. All the episodes came out on Netflix.

 The Video Game

Cast And Plot

The show casts Hailee Steinfeld and Ella Purnell in the lead roles of Vi and Powder respectively.

Vi and Powder are sisters who get caught up between battle of two cities named Piltover. Basically, it is one city with the upper side motivated by technology and the underground side motivated by crime. The upper side develops a technology called HexTech that mixes the power of magic and science. On the other hand, the underground city develops a drug called Skimmer that gives the inhabitants who take it a lot of strength. It is Vi who accidentally creates the villain of the series. Soon the underground city gets a name for itself which is Zuan and war breaks out between Zuan and Piltover.

The show is in the top 10 list of Netflix in almost every country. Even IMDb has given the series a 9.2/10 to the show. For the very first time, a video game adaptation is setting the entertainment world on fire.

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