NBC “Blacklist” Season 8 Coming Soon

Heyy everyone! NBC has kept lot of surprises this year for its fans.

Now next is episode 1 of “Blacklist” season 8 which is going down the road on 13th November 2020 at sharp 8 PM.

Former season of this twist-filled scripted series was having IMDB ratings of 8.7/10.

It is quite uneasy to digest that any series has lasted for 8 seasons!

Exciting, Isn’t it?

“Blacklist” season 7 was six episodes long- four was premiered in September while two in October. Now, fans are eagerly waiting for season 8 to get premiere pretty soon.

COVID-19 has halted many shows and movies but this show hasn’t seen any significant delay in its premiere or production.

Thanks to creators!

What will be the storyline?

Some part of the plot has leaked online!

Season 7 was ended with Elizabeth taking side of her mother rather than of Raymond. This was huge. But the thing is- Will season 8 will continue this story?

Upon asking, executive producers- Jon Bokenkamp and John Eisendrath replied that they will take Elizabeth’s story further.

here is the short promo of season 8 you all can check to anticipate further that what will happen next.

Words of John Eisendrath:

“I have never thought in my dreams that it would go so far till 8 seasons. Season 8 will start with a lot more highs and expectation to complete the story which was untold in the last season. Our work is to fill the gap between every consecutive seasons.”

Who will be casted in season 8?

James Spader will play the role of killer-cum-criminal-profiler Raymond Reddington along with Megan Boone as Liz Keen. 

Others will include Laila Robins as Katarina Rostova and Harry Lennix as Harold Cooper. 

But, sadly Brian Dennehy and Clark Middleton, playing the characters of Dom and Glen will not be seen in this season as they both passed away this year.

RIP to them! May their soul Rest In Peace!

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