Agastya, son of Hardik Pandya and Natasha Stankovic, has completed 4 months of his birth and Natasha celebrated her boy’s birthday by completing 4 months and shared photos on social media. Earlier in May, Hardik Pandya surprised everyone by saying that his wife Natasha is pregnant. He further said that Natasha and I have started a new journey and now we are very excited about the birth of our upcoming child. We will start our new life with our child and Hardik Pandya’s girlfriend Natasha gave birth to a boy on 30 July.

After this, Natasha takes various kinds of photographs with her child every month and shares them with her fans through social media and the fans are also very happy with it. It is noteworthy that being in Australia, Hardik Pandya could not attend the celebration of his child’s 4-month birthday party. 

Earlier Hardik Pandya was also seen sharing photos of his child with his fans and he also shared videos with his fans. With India being Australia’s 2-month long series, now Natasha will have to miss Hardik Pandya for 2 months. Natasha had also shared a video on Instagram in which she was dancing to a Bollywood song and wrote that the new bond of mother and son, which got her a lot of love from fans. 

Natasha wants to make it memorable!!

Natasha wants to make every memory associated with her child memorable, so every month she comes to take some new pictures with her child and is seen sharing it with her fans on social media, Hardik Pandya and Natasha have already said That she has started a new phase in her life with a new baby and now Natasha has a good bond with her baby. 

While Hardik Pandya is busy with his cricket schedule at the moment, Natasha is not allowing her son to feel a lack of a father and she is having full enjoyment with her son and Hardik Pandya is also getting 2 months due to his busy schedule, have to stay away from his family. 

But Hardik Pandya is performing very well in the ongoing series in Australia. Natasha and her son will also be waiting for Hardik Pandya to return to India and we hope that Hardik Pandya will also do very well for the country in Australia.

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