After John Boyega openly discussed the mismanagement he had experienced as a Black man by Disney and the Hollywood film industry, some of his fans were concerned that such a good deed would not go unpunished—a fear that was exacerbated even by him when he gave an anti-racist speech in London in June 2020. 

Fortunately, despite the reluctance expressed by some “powerful individuals,” he was able to keep his position (THR). A series of high-profile projects, including “They Cloned Tyrone,” “Borderland,” and a long-awaited sequel of “Attack the Block” — which have shown him to be a still lover and respected industry, in his episode of Steve McQueen’s “Small Axis” anthology, “Red, White, and Blue,” His proving that he is not slowing down as an actor.

“Naked Singularity,” Boyega’s latest film, which will be released in theatres or on VOD soon, is an ambitious mash-up of comedy, legal drama, heic thriller, and policy. 

When will Naked Singularity release

‘Naked Singularity’ was the opening film at the San Francisco Film Festival 2021, where it was screened without a dealer and directed by Chase Palmer, first time screenplay manager for 2017’s “It.” Screen Media Films selected it and announced its release date in June.

Screen Media has decided to give “Naked Singularity” a proper theatrical bow before it is released online, as it is slowly reinventing itself into America’s daily lives. The film will be released in limited US theatres on August 6, 2021, followed by VOD a week later on August 13, 2021.

It’s also the weekend for the release of long-awaited films like “The Suicide Squad” and “Annette,” so it makes sense that the distributor doesn’t wait too long to get the film into the hands of viewers.

Who is in the cast of Naked Singularity

The protagonist of “Naked Singularity” is John Boyega, who has been described by Chase Palmer to Entertainment Weekly as “a young New York idealist public defender who beats his head against a wall of the system.

”However, Boyega isn’t the only big name in the cast. Olivia Cooke is joined by Lea, a “customer who works with Cops on both sides,” and Bill Skarsgrd is joined by Dane, “Casi is the best friend and colleague who is also an idealist, [and] the polar opposite.”

Because “Naked Singularity” premiered a while ago, we already know the names of all the actors. They include Tim Blake Nelson, who returns to the big screen after wowing us with ‘Watchmen,’ Ed Skrein (‘Deadpool,’ Linda Lavin (‘Alice,’ and many more, as well as Boyega, Cooke, and Skarsgrd.


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