A series of “Naked and Afraid” films has taken intimacy to new heights. According to our sources, Discovery Channel will launch “Naked and Afraid of Love” in August, one of three dating games the network is developing. As one might expect, all of the participants are naked and looking for love with a complete stranger.

Naked and Afraid intersected with That’s how you should think of this show: naked dating.

Previously, only a few dating shows required contestants to bear it all in order to find a life partner. From 2014 to 2016, VH1 aired a show called “Dating Naked.” After three seasons, the show was canceled due to an unfortunate incident in which producers did not completely blur out certain private areas of a contestant.

Naked and Afraid of Love Is All Set To Premier

Aside from “Naked and Afraid of Love,” Discovery is working on three new dating shows. On August 22, Naked and Afraid of Love will debut on Discovery Channel’s streaming service. This show will appeal to fans of “Naked and Afraid,” as well as fans of reality dating shows such as “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.”

There’s not much to hide behind on a show like “Naked and Afraid of Love.” When it comes down to it, “you get what you see.” Others have attempted to form romantic connections without wearing clothing, but few (if any) have had long-term success.

Only few of show’s cast member name have been released

Unknown episodes will feature eight single women and eight single men’s first kisses, fights, and complications. So far, only three contestants’ identities have been revealed. In the first Discovery Channel clip, Bennett Murphy, Candice Liang, and Britt Whitmire appear to be in a love triangle.

Naked And Afraid Will Premiere Soon
Naked And Afraid Will Premiere Soon

Meanwhile, Cosmopolitan reports that Liang is wondering if she can compete with Whitmire for Murphy’s attention. Murphy briefly discussed his experience on “Naked and Afraid of Love” in an Instagram post last month. “Wait a minute, I just had the strangest dream,” Murphy wrote. I was thrown into the Pacific wilderness with 15 strangers. We had a lot of crazy adventures.

Naked and Afraid of Love hopes to shed the layers of love

As they did in “Naked and Afraid,” they must learn to survive in the harsh elements of a foreign land without shelter, food, water, or clothing.

The Discovery Channel said in a statement that contestants on Naked and Afraid of Love work together to survive the elements while also attempting to judge the love-match potential of other contestants.

A few love triangles emerge after the cast members meet, though it is unclear whether they are paired up at the start of the show.


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