Mystery Poco Smartphone Gets Benchmarked: Are They Releasing The Same Soon?

Poco, Chinese smartphone manufacturing company along with Xiaomi, the parent company commenced its operation in August 2018.

It is believed that Poco has been working on a modern affordable smartphone. There is a set of news about smartphones disclosed. 

Recently, the phone was benchmarked on Geekbench. Some insights into the device were mentioned on the same. This device by Poco has obtained its certification from IMDA as well as EEC earlier. 

This device by Poco has received a model number M2010J19CG on the Geekbench. It had recently received its certification from an authentication website and with the identical model number. 

Speaking of specifications revealed, the Poco smartphone acquires a dominant Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. 


The details mentioned in the listing said that it has a citrus motherboard. As per the reports, the phone possesses a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor. Furthermore, it has Adreno 610 GPU. Based on the data, the chipset will have eight cores and it can clock a base frequency exceeding 1.80GHz.

Further reports claim that this new phone by Poco has 4GB of RAM and storage capacity is yet to be known. The Smartphone is embedded with the latest Android 10 Operating System. Moreover, the battery, camera, and display specs are yet to be concluded. 

The Geekbench had disclosed the benchmark points of the new Poco Smartphone. The Pro phone has managed to get 299 points in a single-core test. However, in the multicore test, the smartphone has successfully scored 1252 points. 

Poco has always pleased its consumer with its premium products. It has received an optimistic acknowledgment from its consumer. So, we hope that they continue to do the same as they have done it before. 

For more insights into the Smartphone, we will have to hold for quite a while. Let’s see, when does the new affordable Poco smartphone enter the market, in the current year or the following year.

If you found the article helpful, do read our other news too and stay tuned for more such tech information. 

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