My Only Love Song Season 2 Release Date, Renewed Status, Cast & Other Details

The Korean drama My Only Love Song Season 2 has announced its release date. The fans of the show are going crazy and just cannot wait for the arrival of season 2. Are you a fan of the show too? Do you also want to know the release date? If yes, then sit back and just take in all that comes your way ahead.

My Only Love Song Season 2

The second season of the show has been directed by Mik Doo-sik based on a screenplay written by Kim Soo-jin. The production of the second season was been looked after by FNC Add Culture. The official trailer for the season has not been released yet. The showrunners have said that they will be releasing the season 2 trailer one or two weeks before the premiere of the second season itself. Season 2 then is going to release all of its 20 episodes on 3rd June 2022 on Netflix. Then we know when is season 2 coming. Let’s then move on to who all are returning for season 2.

My Only Love Song Season 2 cast

The second season is expected to see the return of all the major cast members from season 1. This means that Lee Jong-hyun will return as On-dal, Gong Seung-yeon will return as Song Soo-jung, Lee Jae-jin will return as Byun Sam-yong, Jin Ye-ju will return as Princess Pyunggang, and Ahn Bo-hyun will return as Moo-myung. Other than these 5, the rest of the 7 other cast members will also return for season 2. Having revealed the release date and the cast of season 2, now we have arrived at the point when we will reveal the plot of season 2.  

My Only Love Song Season 2

Now we all know that when season 1 came out in 2017, the showrunners were very secretive about the plot. Only after the release did we get to know that the show was about an aspiring actress who accidentally reached the 6th Century Goguryeo kingdom. Thus, we will only get to know about the plot of season 2 once it arrives on Netflix. Well, the secrecy is understandable given the rating of the show. They are really good. Well now, if you don’t believe us then see for yourself.

The ratings of the show

So ‘My Only Love Song’ has an IMDb rating of 7.1 out of 10, a MyDramaList rating of 7.8 out of 10. These ratings clearly show that the show is a huge success. The show owes its success due to the unique blend of the past and the present shown in it. No other show had done this before and thus the fans of Korean drama liked the new concept a lot.

Well, the countdown to the release of season 2 is ticking away. By any chance, you missed the first season then watch it today on Netflix before the second season arrives.

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