Mr. Gibbs Still Believes Johnny Depp Should Be In ‘Pirates Of Caribbean’

Mr. Gibbs in the ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ still wants Johnny Depp to be a part of the upcoming Pirate movie. Mr. Gibbs is a character in the movie portrayed by Kevin McNally who believes the same. McNally has played Joshamee Gibbs who is also the first loyal mate of Captain Jack Sparrow in all the Pirates movies.

No Jack Sparrow in Future Pirates Films?

Kevin McNally wants Johnny Depp to appear in the upcoming Disney’s project of Pirate movie i.e ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean 6’. McNally himself has been a part of all five pirates films and wants Depp to join the cast for part six.

Significantly, Disney+ announced in June of 2020 that there will be ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean Six’ which will introduce many new characters where Christina Hodson from ‘Birds Of Prey’ will handle the script and Margot Robbie will lead the cast.

Depp has been the part of all five Pirates movies where he significantly portrayed the character of Captain Jack Sparrow the heart and soul of the movie. Because of his iconic portrayal, ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ has become the synonym of Sparrow. His outstanding performance has helped the movie to evolve.

Well, Depp’s personal life not went that well. His ex-wife Amber Heard put accusations of Domestic violence on him and filed a high-profile case in the court against him. He was also asked to leave the franchise of Fantastic Beasts.

Though Disney is not worried about the personal life of Depp and yeah also the one who portrays Jack in the movie. But the production has different plans, they are not planning to involve Captain Jack Sparrow in upcoming projects.

McNally’s thoughts are different. On a Podcast in a chat with his fellow Pirates star Greg Ellis, McNally said that Johnny Depp should be a part of ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean 6’. Disney should include him as Sparrow. He added that okay they are introducing new characters but that doesn’t mean they will snatch the role of Sparrow from the movie. Even a small cameo is fine.

Many others support McNally’s point saying that Pirates movies are nothing without Depp. As the character, Jack Sparrow is the heart and Soul of the movie. On the other hand, many criticized the production claiming that they are too dependent on the character Jack and thus they need to find some new lives for it.


In my point removing the character of Sparrow from the movie is not a good movie. If a character has been a part for a long time then removing him directly can cost the movie bad. There should be proper planning if they want to remove or they can give a cameo to Depp.

What do you think about this? Share your views on whether Jack should be removed or not?


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