MOURI Tech, an IT services provider, plans to hire 10,000 people over the next three years.

MOURI Tech, a global enterprise IT solutions provider, has announced that it will contribute to the creation of job opportunities in India, with an aim of creating 10,000 new roles in a variety of industries and geographies over the next three years. As a result of this, the first batch of 2000 new jobs will be generated in fiscal year 2021-2022.

In the long run, these pledges are intended to provide the additional capacity required to sustain anticipated corporate growth. The company currently employs 3,500 people, a 20% increase from the start of the fiscal year.

 Future Ready Workforce

To meet the ever-increasing expectations, the firm realized that it needed to build a future-ready workforce. Through a series of college recruitment campaigns, career fairs, and social media accounts, the organization hopes to hire seasoned Mid- to Senior-level information technology experts as well as fresh graduates. MOURI Tech wants to expand its footprint in tier two cities as well, with the goal of promptly filling the majority of the company’s new roles in order to attain nationwide coverage.

The company’s revenue is increasing in a variety of areas, including artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, digital transformation, and others. Data sciences (artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), cyber security, infrastructure, and cloud solutions to automation) are also creating new work prospects. The hire would surely help global and Indian customers accelerate digital transformation through faster execution.

When the COVID-19 scenario offered substantial challenges, it also gave an opportunity to strengthen and reorganise our commitment to consistency and flexibility. “These are trying times. We endeavour to deliver excellent service while remaining adaptable to our customers’ needs. Anil Yerramreddy, CEO of MOURI Tech Global, feels that smaller Indian cities are IT Talent Hubs that have yet to be fully explored. “We’ve decided to grow by creating thousands of new jobs in these places,” he continues.


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