With the last season of Mother of the Goddess Dormitory last airing in 2021, the fans of the show have started to discuss the 2nd season. We know that the season has been renewed but the real question is when the season 2 is going to premier? Well, we know that and a lot more about the show. So, if you have just stumbled upon this article without any prior knowledge of the show then you can get that information here as well. So first up are the production details for season 2.

Mother of the Goddess Dormitory Season 2

The direction of season 2 is going to be done by Shunsuke Nakashige. The screenplay for the second season will be written by Masashi Suzuki, with character designing done by Maiko Okada. The animation for the second season will once again be done by Asread studios. The first season premiered on the AT-X TV channel on 14th July 2021 in Japan. The season ended on 15th September 2021. From this, we can state that whenever in 2022 or in 2023 the second season comes out, it should come out in the month of July only. This thing could change depending upon how much of the production has been completed. Now as the season has officially been renewed, we can say for sure who all are going to be the cast members of season 2. The cast details are as follows.

The cast of Mother of the Goddess Dormitory Season 2

The 8-member primary cast from season one is going to return for season 2 as well. Thus, we would be seeing Brittney Karbowski as Koushi Nagumo, Christina Kelly as Atena Saotome, Carli Mosier as Mineru Wachi, Juliet Simmons as Sutea Kōroya, Katelyn Barr as Kiriya Senshō, Melody Spade as Frey and Natalie Rial as Serene Hozumi once again. Along with them the secondary cast that features 13 others voice artist are also going to be there in season 2. Let’s know discuss the plot for season 2. 

The plot of Mother of the Goddess Dormitory Season 2

In the last episode of season one, we saw that Koushi has settled down into the role of the girl’s dormitory goddess. He is managing everything nicely. Especially he manages the girls in a very orderly fashion. Unfortunately, in the last episode it is shown that Koushi gets ill but then all the girls together nurse him back to health and everyone is able to go to the market to shop for the new year dinner together. In season 2 you will most probably see how things are running in the second year of or shoe ring. it goes without saying that a lot of drama comedy and action will take place in season 2 like season one.

Then if you are a fan of the show then the release time of 2022 to 2023 may seem a lot and there is nothing you can really do about it. 

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