We are used to seeing Hero’s dominance over the villain. It has become a tradition in Bollywood to portray the hero as almighty and Villains a shell of cine-goers thus sometimes we misunderstood the villains. 

In some cases, the villains are not as bad as they are shown. Here we are presenting those rare cases where we all have including me misunderstood the feelings of Villains.


The whole attraction of the movie was Shahrukh Khan’s charms which hid the actual perception of principle Narayan Shankar. At the first instant, he looked like an enemy of love, but it wasn’t like that. 

He was a man of discipline and was strict who just wanted his kids to lead a disciplined and focused life. Sometimes, he over went with the disciplines but we could have expected this from him when a student like Uday Chopra studied there.

Let’s relive the moment-

Munna Bhai MBBS

Indeed the name is enough to image of Sanjay Dutt as Munna Bhai and Arshad Warsi as Circuit has portrayed in your mind. 

There is no doubt that the actors were fabulous in that movie but here we aren’t talking about the acting of them. Here our prime person is Dr. Asthana who seemed a bad guy but was a respected doctor and his words had to weight.

Relive the moment again-


No, you are wrong if you are thinking that I will explain Amir Khan’s character here. I will tell you about Indian wrestling coach Pramod Kadam. He was displayed as a negative character in the movie. Yes, he was not a man with good intentions but, but, in the last phase when he locked Amir Khan, many fans got offended.

 If you will ask me how bad it was? I will say you it was the only best work done by him. We have to accept that Amir had an ego about his coaching skills. He needed to understand that his daughter can make it without him too.

Go through the moment-

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

Many dialogues from the movie must be going through your mind. ‘Ja Simran Ja’ and like that. Well, I am not here to send Simran to Raj. I am here to explain the character of Amrish Puri. Say me what you as a father who will think when you find that your daughter loves someone like Raj. 

Raj is a reckless and ill-mannered person who doesn’t fit in the vision of a father of a daughter. So, don’t think of him as a ‘Pyar ka Dushman type’. He is a responsible father too.

Now you can go through the dialogues of DDLJ-


There are many more cases like Shahrukh Khan in Chennai Express or Vijay in the movie Queen. But we can’t discuss all. Hope you have got the idea of what I want to say. 

We  hope from now on you will see movies with a different eye.


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