In recent times Samsung came with its revolutionary foldable phone and changed the dynamics of the whole phone market in a click. It is true that there were some problems initially but Samsung came back strongly. Looking into the future, Samsung has planned more mind-blowing tech to roll out. Let’s dive into the topic without any further delay.


Samsung shook up the phone market 15 months ago with the new Galaxy Fold. It was a revolution. No one had imaged that they will be getting a phone that could double up as a tablet. At first people had a few complaints but Samsung welcomed the criticism from them and improved. They next came out with the Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold 2. The phones literally set the market on fire and made the other companies have a run for their money. The foldable phones were new hot cakes that no one else had come up with. Samsung proved once again that they were the first to experiment and be successful at it. 


After the huge success of the foldable phones lineup, Samsung has planned to continue their development in this category. They have planned to launch one more foldable phone. Apart from the folding feature no other info is available on it. The prize of the new phone is hard to predict as it is possible that Samsung may come up with new innovations in it. It is also possible that they will develop something new altogether and make the foldable phones look like things of distant past. Samsung has so far just said that they will provide a clearer picture of their plan in the January of 2021.

It will be exciting to see what new innovations Samsung comes up in the New Year. Can you predict anything that Samsung may come up with? Let us know in the comment box.


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