Pirates, the unruly thugs of the seas sinking every ship they see to the bottom of the sea and stealing whatever they can before that. Gamers across genres have always been fascinated by them. The idea of controlling a pirate ship, fighting other pirates and looking for hidden treasure on islands is something that appeals to many of us here. For that reason, we think more pirate games should be made and here are some solid reasons to do so.


To start with, look at the lives of pirates, always on the brink and fearless of death, on the move 24X7, always in search of adventure and in free time flirting with women and drinking rum. A pirate’s life is the life to have. Obviously no one can a real pirate in today’s time, but one can experience that life through a video game. The second thing is that game developers do not need to work on a story much as the legends of Blackbeard and Calico Jack are famous enough. And to assist them in re-creating the time and ships, Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movie series is there.

The Pirates of the Caribbean movies have the elements required to make a good game. There are ample of characters, each with a unique trait who will make for interesting games characters as well. Lastly the most pressing need for more pirate games is there because there are not enough and good pirate games available. One can fish out the names of Sea of Thieves and Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag but that is it.

To leave you on the hook, a game called Skull and Bones is going to release soon. Join us again for more steaming games related news. Aloha!

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