Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 Release Date, Who will cast, Storyline expectations And More

Release dates, episodes, cast, and trailer for Money Heist Season 5 Volumes 1 and 2: Money Heist Season 5 is one of the most anxiously awaited tv series sequels in history. Money Heist has been extended for a fifth season, which will air on May 24, 2021. Money Heist Season 5 will be published in two pieces, Volume 1 and Volume 2. The publishing dates for both volumes are now available. Money Heist’s fifth season will be the series’ final season, with no future sequels planned.

Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 – When will it release?

This research was obtained in a letter from Netflix to its shareholders. Season 5 release dates have finally been confirmed, and fans are overjoyed. We spoke about the release date of Money Heist season 5, the actors, the trailer, and the amount of episodes in each volume in this post.

Money Heist Season 5 volume 2 will be released on December 3rd, 2021, according to the most recent teaser. Netflix also tweeted about it, and the teaser was posted to the company’s official Twitter account. The first volume may contain significant suspense, which will be revealed in volume 2.

Who will be casting?

The assassination of Tokyo in the most recent episode of “Money Heist” upset viewers. That doesn’t rule out the possibility of her reappearance in some way or another. In the past, the show has used flashback sequences to bring back numerous deceased characters, so it’s highly possible that actor rsula Corberó may make further appearances. It’s also unknown whether Corberó will continue to narrate the series given that her character is no longer alive.

In Tokyo’s absence, lvaro Morte, who plays the Professor, will return and will most likely be the series’ major emphasis going forward. This suggests that Najwa Nimri will reprise her role as Alicia Sierra, as her storey is presently linked with the Professor’s.

In addition, series regulars Miguel Herrán, Jaime Lorente, Esther Acebo, Darko Peric, Belén Cuesta, and Hovik Keuchkerian will return to see their characters’ tales through to the finish. Of course, all of their on-screen identities are unlikely to endure until the last episode.

How many episodes we can expect?

The amount of episodes in Volume 1 and Volume 2 is currently unknown. The fans are looking for any information on the Money Heist number of episodes for the finale. Each Volume will most likely have at least eight episodes. We can’t be certain, but Netflix will reveal it by releasing Season 5 on OTT.


The final episodes of Season 5 are shaping up to be a struggle for the gang’s survival. The last time you had seen the heist members, they were besieged in the Bank of Spain and fighting an army brought in by Luis Tamayo (Fernando Cayo) to put an end to their operation. It does not appear that things are going well for them at the moment.

The Professor has become the gang’s final hope, but he must first deal with the pressing matter of Alicia. Their connection is complex, and she may decide to be merciful to the criminal genius. But, at the end of the day, she is still a detective.

Naturally, the creator of “Money Heist,” Alex Pina, has remained tight-lipped regarding the upcoming installment of the criminal epic. In an official statement, he did guarantee a character-driven tale (per Digital Spy). “Volume [two] focuses on the characters’ emotional situations. It’s a trip through their emotional map that leads us right to their departure.”

Is there any Trailer?

Netflix released the final season teaser on YouTube as well as its official social media channels. We’ve attached Netflix’s tweet, which reveals the release dates for Volumes 1 and 2 as well as the Season 5 teaser.


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