Mom-to-be Kelly Rowland is doing a grueling workout as the due date nears: Watch the clips

Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland and her husband Tim Weatherspoon are expecting their second child soon. Kelly and Tim have been married for more than six years. Recently, she was spotted doing the hardcore workout as her due date is almost near.

The actress was put through her paces by her personal trainer in an Instagram clip. Some of her fans are shocked by her still breaking a sweat even after she has stepped into the ninth month of her pregnancy. Continue scrolling to find more details about the topic.

The mother of five years old son, Titan Jewell Weatherspoon, will be giving birth to her second child soon. On January 20, 2021, Kelly’s trainer Rebecca Broxterman documented her latest workout routine and posted it on her Instagram account. In one of the captions, the 39 years old singer wrote what is her baby waiting for. In the clip, she was noticed doing heavy squats.

She sported her look with a peach sports bra and black gym leggings. Furthermore, in the second clip, she was also spotted doing wall-sits. The video was recorded by Broxterman. The fitness trailer also took to her Instagram and posted the clip of Kelly working out, and captioned it that she is still pregnant so, they are still working.

She even knows that her due date is near, but that hasn’t stopped her from breaking a sweat in her workout routine. It seems like the 39 years old is tired of carrying her huge baby bump around. She also wrote in the caption that her patience was running thin. You can check out her workout clips below.

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She was very comfortable in the intensive workout video, but some of her concerned fans shared their thoughts on the pregnant Say My Name hit-maker’s workout. A user said it is not a good idea to work out when Kelly is days away from giving birth.

Another said that the singer should be relaxing and working out doesn’t look healthy. The third fan wrote that she is with the women who want to do whatever with their body, but what Kelly is doing looks a bit extreme.

Final Words

In October, in her Women’s Health cover story, Rowland announced her pregnancy news to the world. She was extremely happy to become pregnant in her late thirties. She told the outlet that she and her husband were talking about it loosely, and then the coronavirus pandemic happened. The couple was like, let’s see what happens. Destiny Child’s will be giving birth to her second baby any day now.

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