“Modern Love” returned with Season 2

“Modern Love” returned with Season 2 in mid-August, more than a year after her debut on Amazon. “Modern Love” is based on John Carney’s 17-year-old New York Times column, which was adapted for film. “Modern Love” is a song from the album “Modern Love.” 

The fundamental principle of the column “modern love,” as it is currently found in the New York Times, is to offer each week unique love stories, regardless of the method that love takes (it is not always romantic!). This concept was used by Amazon’s TV anthology “Modern Love,” which compiled its first season of eight unique pieces. As a result, the audience was rewarded with a heartbreaking anthology series that would expose them to new and unique love stories that felt unlike anything seen in the romantic drama.

When will Modern Love Season 3 be released?

It’s unclear when the third season of “Modern Love” will premiere on Amazon Prime Video without an official renewal confirmation. If Amazon decides to renew the popular Anthology Series for another season, viewers may have to wait at least a year. This is primarily due to our understanding of the production processes in seasons 1 and 2, including filming.

As a summary of its production timeline, Amazon formally purchased the first season of “Modern Love” in June 2018. (Due to the date.) Based on this, we can anticipate that the first stage of manufacturing will begin on Amazon around mid-October 2019. Season 2 was created over the course of a year and a half.


Season 2 took us on another winding journey through the love spectrum. Here’s a synopsis of each Season 2 plot line: 

  • Episode 1 follows a middle-aged doctor who is struggling with selling the car driven by her late husband after his death several years earlier.
  • Episode 2 follows a young couple whose dating life is upended because the woman has a medical condition that causes her to live a nocturnal life.
  • Episode 3 takes place in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic and features two Irish singles who have a magical memento.
  • Episode 4 follows two childhood friends who blur the line between friendship and romance after a messy one-night stand.
  • Episode 5 tells the story of a middle-school girl who is struggling to figure out her sexual identity while harboring a crush on a girl at school.
  • Episode 6 follows a man and a woman who are linked by the revelation that their spouses were cheating on them with one another, leading to a marriage breakdown.


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