Doubled Usage of UK broadband in 2020

As per the recent report of data usage, UK broadband is found to be used more than doubled in last year, 2020. Undoubtedly this can be said as an impact of the unplanned coronavirus pandemic that resulted in connecting most of the things to online platforms. With nearly most of the things and work moved online it was obvious that there must be an acceleration in the broadband usage as because of the rising consumption.

Openreach confirmed this with a report that says its entire network delivered more than 50,000 petabytes (PB) of data over the last 12 months. This is quite large if compared with the 22,000 PB transmitted in the year 2019. Moreover, it was 15 times when the daily record was broken in the past year. The report also says that the average fibre consumed in a household is around 3,000 GB, or to says 9GB per day. 

 Top Chinese mobile operators NYSE details – 

Following a US executive order, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has begun the process of delisting 3 major mobile operators or Chinese market. 

However, keeping this point as a major reason to delist the top three mobile operators has outraged Beijing. They once again accused Washington of this behaviour of acting politically rather to work with national security interests. 

This is all from the mobile industry update in January, 2021. Do we missed out something? Feel free to contact us, so that we can update your views in the above article. 


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