New Minecraft Snapshot 22w16b is out!How To Download

Minecraft snapshot 22w16b is the latest weekly snapshot produced by Mojang. Due to a major fault in the 22w16a version that caused the game to crash, the name of the snapshot was changed from “a” to “b,” forcing the release of the 22w16b version. It was only launched a few hours ago and included a few small modifications as well as a few new features. 

These screenshots are from the future version 1.19 of “The Wild Upgrade.” It will have two new biomes, as well as new creatures and items. Players are eager to try out these new features as soon as the snapshots are released, and can download the most recent snapshot for a sneak peek. 

What’s new in Snapshot 22w16b? 

There is not much change but it can be said that some upgrades have been made, like the addition of interesting features and bug fixes to the game. Sit tight and let’s check out the interesting updates!! 

The first interesting feature added is the addition of new music in the game. The new game can be divided into 4 music tracks: Ancestry, Aerie, Firebugs, and Labyrinthine. They can be found in certain biomes as well as on the main menu. Aside from that, the game now includes a new music disc. It can only be obtained by discovering and combining nine-disc fragments, unlike other discs. These disc fragments are only found in ancient city chests on rare occasions. 

Another important addition is the Allay Tweaks. Allay Tweaks are a type of passive creature in the game that can fly. Its health has improved from ten to twenty. The time it takes for an Allay to throw an object has been lowered from 5 seconds to 3 seconds. Finally, the number of items available has been expanded from 9 to 32. 

Excluding these additions, other changes have also been made. To say, there were many bug fixes and technical changes made in this version. Now, let’s see how one can download the updated version!! 

How to download it? 

The Minecraft snapshot 22w16b, like all other snapshots, may be downloaded via the official game launcher that players receive when they purchase the game. 

  • Step 1: Go to the game’s official launcher. 
  • Step 2: To access the drop-down menu, click the drop-down menu adjacent to the “Play” button. 
  • Step 3: Look for the “snapshot 22w16b” written on the screen. 
  • Step 4: Choose it and press “Play. The game launcher will download it for you automatically. 
  • Step 5: Make a new world to test out the new features. If the file is unsuitable, it will damage your existing game. So, do not do it in the existing world. 

So, the above-mentioned way is one of the ways to upgrade to the snapshot 22w16b version. It is relatively simple and easy to handle, but the users have to be cautious when they do so. But, are there more ways we can do the same?

Enthusiasts of Minecraft, do you know any other way to update the current version to snapshot 22w16b? Share with us!!

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