Minecraft Redditor Showcases An Impressive Aquarium

In a stunning display of talent and skill, a Minecraft Redditor has made an aquarium. The aquarium is complete with fishes, turtles, sand, and marine plants. An in-depth view at the aquarium is coming up right now.

The Aquarium 

The aquarium has been made by a Programmer. The player has shared that he is playing the game for 6 years now and he believes the aquarium he built is the finest thing he has built in the game.

The player posted a video on Reddit that showcases the aquarium. In the video, it can be seen that the aquarium has been made in the style of a room. The room in which the aquarium looks like it is in an underground facility.

The room housing the aquarium has a dungeon-type feeling to it. The room is lit by normal fire torches it seems.

Inside the aquarium, a turtle and two varieties of fish can be seen. The type of fish is hard to make out.

The aquarium also features a number of marine plants and a lot of sand in it. Sounds amazing right? Then there are the video details for you. 

The video

The player Programmeter posted the video only 4 days ago, on 21st March 2022. The video has received some 21K likes so far with 271 people commenting on it. The most amazing thing about the video is that it is only 10 seconds long. Here is the link to the video

The video indeed is a thing to behold. Next, let’s see what are people saying about the video. 

People’s opinion

The people over at Reddit are over the moon with the video. Almost everyone is commenting that the use of shaders has been done nicely. People are amazed at how the fishes and the turtles are not stuck at one side of the aquarium. This is a big deal because most players report that when they build an aquarium, their fishes and turtles get stuck on one side of the aquarium.

A lot of the people who are watching the video are also commenting that the turtle inside looks like wants to get out for fresh air.

People are also asking if the aquarium has flowing water and if it does have flowing water then how had Programmeter managed to do so.

A user is curious about how the aquarium would look without the shaders. While most of the people watching the video are praising the creator of the video for the hard work, some people are simply branding the aquarium as not so good.

Thankfully the number of such viewers is less.

Some people are so impressed that they have decided to make an aquarium of their own. 

Well, if you also enjoyed watching the video and have some water mobs lying around just like that then you should also try to build an aquarium for them. It will really be a stunning addition to your Minecraft collection.

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