Minecraft Player’s Mod Will Bring Steampunk Tools To The Sandbox Game

While playing the Survival mode of Minecraft, what is the only way of flying. If you say by using Elytra then you are absolutely right.

But you will agree that the Elytra does not look so great and often does not match with the sick outfit you choose for your avatar. We present to you the solution for this. Just read and know it all.

The Solution

The alternative of an Elytra is in the making. The alternate is being made by a Minecraft modder named juuccaa. The modder is working on some articulated glider wings. Along with the wings, the modder is also working on a mechanical bow.

The modder shared a clip of the bow and the wings in action on Reddit. In the clip, one can see the gears used on the wings operate. The wings can flex like they are a part of the body. The clip also shows the bow in action. One can see the gears in the arrow at work too as the bow shoots an arrow.

The details like when will the mod be available and are the bow and the wings the only things in it have not been disclosed by this modder. For now, the modder has only teased these new mechanical tools.

The bow and the wings look way more stylish and cooler than what we have right now in the game. Especially the wings. Their design and color are such that they will look good with almost every kind of outfit you choose for your avatar. And the wings will be much more convenient to use too.

New mods for Minecraft are always exciting. They add new zeal to the game. Surely the new bow and wings will add to the zeal too.

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