Minecraft Beta Patch Notes: Deep Dark Caves, Allay Changes, axes, and more

Here comes the latest update for Minecraft Beta Patch Notes. The update has brought a lot of new things and fixes to the game. We will not waste any more time and dive straightaway into the major things that are part of the update. 

New Deep Dark Caves

First and foremost, under Minecraft Beta Patch Notes update is we introduce to you the Deep Dark Caves. Yes, this place is exactly what you are thinking it is. It is actually a deep and dark caves system. Inside the caves, you will find absolute silence. It will only be dimly lit so that you can see something in there. As per the patch notes provided, the caves are going to be filled with Sculk. These caves unfortunately do not have the highly anticipated ‘Warden’ in them. The ‘Warden’ is said to be released later in the 1.19 update of the main game. Still, there are a lot of other things that have been added in version Take a look at the next. 

Allay Changes, Axes and more

Apart from the Deep Dark Caves, the next big changes have been made to the Allay. After the latest update, the Allay will become immune from its owner’s danger. Also, from now on, after an Allay has delivered the items it was carrying, it will take some time before picking up new items to deliver. The last change to the Allay is that whatever item it will be holding, it will pick up that item only. The next big change has been made to the axes. Now attacking a raised shield with an axe will make the shield ineffective for 5 seconds. Last but not the least, chests have been introduced in boats too. Now along with the updates, the version has also introduced a lot of bug fixes. Here are the details of the most important ones. 

Bug fixes

Under the new update, the issue of lava lakes not turning into Obsidian when underwater has been resolved. Then the issue of “Highlight Always On” has been fixed. Next, the problem of low sensitivity for the new touch control scheme has been fixed. After this, the issue of the flower breaking when mining a block of snow in which the flower has grown has been fixed. Also, the problem of baby hoglins not being hostile to players has been fixed. At last, healing will not make a mob immune to damage anymore. 

That is all that is there in this update. The main creators of the Minecraft Bedrock Edition are saying that this is just a warm-up update before they roll out the 1.19 update. This update is expected to be much bigger and will introduce the ‘Warden’ and a lot of other things like new features, new NPCs, new places, etc. The release date for the 1.19 update is not known yet. We guess it will be announced soon.

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