The wait has been over for season 3 of the sex education. Now, you can watch season 3 on Netflix.  But there is a character name ruby (Mimi’s knee) in sex education. And her time has finally come to shine this season.

Let’s find out more details about Mimi’s knee

Mimi Knee Journey 

Mimi’s knee is a 23-year-old English actor. She is also famous for playing Cindy Williams in EastEnders in 2013. And, then she left the show in 2015 after appearing in 122 episodes. 

Now, presently she is playing ruby in sex education. And she has been on from the start. In the show, she played one of the mean girls who are very popular and all the school talks about her. 

She is known as a hair flicker queen with killer nails.

Mimi Knee Role in Sex Education Season 1 & 2 

In seasons 1 and 2 her role was very less and we can see her hard on the show. But not this season, her time has come to shine. As we can see on the show, Ruby is now one of the main characters. 

Mimi Knee as Ruby In Sex Education season 3

In the show, ruby has her real problems to deal with rather than being a mean girl and she will catch the eyes of fans this season as rumors are that her entry into school is going to be the most interesting moment to watch.

Furthermore, in an interview, Mini, even shared her excitement and concerns while working for the role. She mentioned in one of her interviews that it is very challenging to play ruby and her emotions to depict on the camera. 

With this, we hope that her Mini Knee will be able to win the hearts of viewers this season through her fresh, stunning appearance and performance,

Well, we hope we can have this bang on ruby again in season 4 as well. So, let’s wait and watch for now. Stay tuned.


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