Miley Cyrus Loses Top In Wardrobe Malfunction: Everybody’s Looking At Me Now

Music concerts are awesome. And the ones that happen on New Year’s Eve are even more fun. A lot of singers perform in concerts like these and famous singer Miley Cyrus was also doing the same in a New Year’s Eve concert of hers.

What could have possibly gone wrong? Some things can sure slip and something of Cyrus did slip. Stay with us to find out what slipped.

How Dis Miley Cyrus Top Slip?

Cyrus was performing at the new year’s special concert organized by her. The concert was named Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party Friday night. All was going well. The audience was enjoying itself. As the concert entered into the last hour of the year 2021.

And then, Cyrus started the hour with her hit song ‘Party In The U.S.A’. And all of a sudden, Miley Cyrus’ top slipped and dropped into the audience. She improvised quickly, dashing backstage and emerging a few moments later in a red jacket. She joked that ‘Everybody’s looking at me now as she came back onstage after the mishap.

Now, this wardrobe malfunction did not dampen her mood. Cyrus continued on and made the audience go wild and crazy with her singing.

The concert ended with Cyrus thanking all the fans present there and those watching on their TV sets. She said that none of this would have been possible without the love and support of all the fans. She thanked them for turning up in numbers despite the tough times. She wished everyone a great 2022 ahead. That it may be a lot happier and healthier for everyone out there than the previous 2 years. 

Really, we all need a better and healthier 2022. Let’s just hope as the year progresses ahead, things get better.


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